Joao Lavinha

Joao Lavinha


Dr. João Lavinha is the Head of the Research and Development Unit, Genetics Department, Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr Ricardo Jorge (National Institute of Health, INSA), Lisbon, Portugal.

Dr. Lavinha has held numerous other posts with the INSA over the years, including: Head, Centre for Human Genetics (2005-2008); Director, INSA (2000-2004); Research Associate, Human Genetics Department, INSA (1994-1999); and Head, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Human Genetics Department (1993-2000).

He received his Provas para Investigador Auxiliar (equivalent to PhD) at the INSA in 1994, and his Master of Science (Medical Science) at the University of Glasgow’s Faculty of Medicine in 1993.

Dr. Lavinha has been the author or co-author of 85 papers to-date, 61 of which were published in international peer-reviewed journals.

His current area of research has been on Molecular pathology – pathogenesis and epidemiology of genetic disease (e g, haemoglobinopathies and coagulation disorders), genetics of disease susceptibility, and normal genetic variation in the Portuguese population.