Léon Tshilolo


Dr. Léon Tshilolo is Medical Director of the Centre Hospitalier Monkole in Kinshasa, DRC. He is also the Main Coordinator of the Centre de Formation et d’Appui Sanitaire (a post graduate training centre in Kinshasa).

Dr. Tshilolo received his medical degree and specialization in pediatrics from the University of Padua and the University of Verona, Italy. He also received credits in Tropical Medicine and Mycology from Prince Leopold Institute, Antwerp, Belgium. Dr. Tshilolo’s training includes; Ultrlasound (Gecamines, Lubumbashi), Chemical Haematology (Free University of Brussels), and Genetic Haemoglobinpathies investigations (Robert Debré Hospital, Paris and Hammersmith Hospital, London).

He also acts as an expert advisor to several Sickle Cell Disease organizations, examples include; Scientific Advisor in the National Program of Sickle Cell Disease (DRC), Scientific Advisor of Sickle Cell Disease International Organization (OILD), and a WHO expert on Sickle Cell Disease (WHO Afro Region).

Dr. Tshilo’s publications focus on paediatrics and haematology (Sickle Cell Disease) most recently; Haematology in Africa, July, 2011 and High titers of autoantibodies in patients with sickle-cell disease, Journal of rheumatology, Feb 2011.