Marvin Reid

Marvin Reid


Dr. Marvin Reid is the Director of the Sickle Cell Unit, Tropical Medicine Research Institute, University of the West Indies, Jamaica. The Sickle Cell Unit (SCU) began as an out-patient clinic of the Department of Medicine, University of the West Indies in 1966.

In 1972, it undertook the Jamaica Sickle Cell Cohort Study (JSCCS) with funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC), United Kingdom. Data from this study has facilitated the description of the evolution of SCD from birth and has led to improvements in the care of individuals with sickle cell disease (SCD) in Jamaica and worldwide.

The Sickle Cell Unit (SCU) remained a Medical Research Council (MRC) funded unit until 1999, when The University of the West Indies assumed control of its operation and positioned it within the Tropical Medicine Research Institute. This unit is the only comprehensive clinical care facility for the management of sickle cell disease (SCD) in the English speaking Caribbean. Care is administered utilizing the world health organization’s “Innovative Care for Chronic Disease” Framework by a cadre of physicians that includes Family Physicians, Paediatricians and a Haematologist.

The research theme of the SCU is “modifiers of disease severity” and include research programmes in clinical epidemiology, genetics, and cardiopulmonary pathophysiology.

Prof. Marvin Reid’s research spans the gamut of community medicine, clinical trials and human metabolism. As a metabolist and clinical nutritionist, Prof. Reid is skilled in the application of stable isotope methods to investigate the limits of adaptation of man to physiological and pathological stresses.