Small Study Group B Report from Benin Workshop

Infectious Diseases in Sickle Cell Disease Including Malaria and Bacterial Infections

Co-Chairs: Chifumbe Chintu (Zambia) and Jacques Elion (France)

What are the roles of malaria, pneumococcal and other bacterial infections in SCD?

The discussions focused on:

Malaria infection

Pneumococcal infections

While pneumococcal infections are important causes of morbidity and mortality in Africa, more evidence-based incidence studies are needed. In designing these studies, it is important to note that SCD patients with fulminant pneumococcal bacteremia may die before they reach hospital for confirmation.

Questions to be answered include:

What laboratory facilities are available and which are required?

Malaria infections

Pneumococcal infections

In Africa, laboratory facilities for the diagnosis of invasive pneumococcal infections are limited to a few major tertiary hospitals. This poses a major barrier in establishing the true incidence of invasive pneumococcal infections.

What is the role of antibiotic and antimalarial prophylaxis, as well as immunization, in tackling the problems of infections?

What follow-up and educational programs to prevent and treat infections should be available